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Who We Are:
For almost a quarter century we have assisted children dependent upon the legal system.

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Guardian Ad Litem

Voices for Florida Keys Children, Inc., is a 501c3, and is entirely dedicated to the support of the children who are under court custody, having been taken from parents due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. You are invited to join us.

When children are taken from parents, they may be placed temporarily with relatives or foster parents.  Each of these children is then assigned a guardian, appointed by the court, to look after his general welfare and needs.  With the help of “Voices”, guardians see to the educational, medical, and social needs of the child.

Guardians are volunteers trained through a program called the Guardian ad Litem Program, a national program in every state (also known as CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocate).  Guardians take 40 hours of training and observe court for six hours.  They are then able to represent “the best interests of the child” in court.

If you have even a little time, you can help this extremely important program.  Perhaps a group to which you belong may be interested.  For more information, contact Tim May 292-3485 or Phyllis Mitchell 664-4163.