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Who We Are:
For almost a quarter century we have assisted children dependent upon the legal system.

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Carol Parker Scholarships

The following provides general information about Voices for Florida Keys Children’s Carol Parker Scholarships.

  • Tuition paid to the college.
  • Books and supplies paid to the bookstore.  Book stores have required items for courses at the college.
  • Board paid to the college.  Board could include money paid to the rentor not the rentee (student).  Student will provide name, address, and phone or rentor.  A member of the Scholarship Committee will phone the rentor for verification.
  • Money could pay for a computer up to $1000.  Money could be paid to internet provider directly (for student research).  Receipt or bill required.
  • Clothes could be paid for in extraordinary circumstances.  Coat for winter, few clothes for college (but only up to $500 and only one time).  Receipt necessary for money.  If we consider money for food, we will send food gift certificates.  It will not prevent buying beer or dog food but we would have some control.
  • Under no circumstances will we pay a credit card bill or any non-school related bills. Original receipts for any school related item which has been cleared with the committee is required for reimbursement.
  • Each student will have a member of the Scholarship Committee assigned to them.
  • The member will be responsible for contacting the student and the student will have a means of contacting the member.
  • Grades will be sent to the sponsoring member for qualification for the next semester.  Student must maintain a C+ average to qualify for future help.
  • All funds must be approved by the committee as a whole. Sponsoring member must get approval from committee before telling student we will cover any expense.
  • Student must take a minimum of nine credit hours to qualify for funds.  (This would eliminate students who are not dedicated to schooling.  We have had experience with this type of student already.)
  • Funds are available for trade school students.  Student must be involved in the full program.  Part-time trade school must be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.

Application for CP Scholarship